Finding our way in the diaspora of game worlds

Warning // Coruscant = Big City-world = Easy to Get Lost

My newly appointed Jedi Knight of the Republic finally arrived on the capital of the Republic. On the way out, this planetary map greeted him — presumably a generic, repeated, map texture. I won’t know how unique these maps are without translation from Aurebesh to the English alphabet. Somewhat disappointing, as the variety of worlds and cultures in the “Star Wars” universe is one of its major draws, and unique maps would have been an easy addition.

Liam Nicholson

This sight from early on in a Star Wars: The Old Republic adventure does look like a fairly generic star map. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing: it’s enough to put the player in the right frame of mind, if not quite enough to place them at a specific point inside the Star Wars galaxy. We can perhaps assume that the detail lower left illustrates the Coruscant system, but cannot know for sure from this map.

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