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Excavating isn’t Exactly My Speciality

Scholarly works may lead our dragonborn hero to investigate an archaeological site on Solstheim, just outside Raven Rock: the ash-covered Kolbjorn Barrow. There, Ralis Sedarys is trying to salvage a seemingly doomed excavation, short of the manpower he needs to keep build-ups of volcanic ash at bay. The barrow is thought to be the resting place of a significant dragon priest, but tangible evidence is hard to come by. The Red Mountain has erupted and keeps covering the area up; later on, surprise draugr will cause obstacles of their own. It is at that time we find Ralis staring intently at a rendering of Solstheim, and considering his next move.

The ‘map’ is merely a topographical representation of the island, devoid of labels for the few settlements on Solstheim. Rivers and mountains are depicted in an illustrative manner, but otherwise it seems the reader must leave much to interpretation. Fortunately, Ralis’ desk appears well-stocked for supporting notes and stationery with which he could perhaps remedy this.

Captured during my first playthrough of “Skyrim Special Edition”, on PC.

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