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Still in Bloom

Ramos’ gym is a rigorous obstacle course, testing its initiates with rope climbs and swings. When a challenger reaches the gym’s summit, they face an elderly man of the military, armed with a set of gigantic shears and a fierce respect for grass-type Pokémon.

We’re told very little about any of the game’s gym leaders, but Ramos’ military background is laid bare in his environment: his costume, the file folders and the fact he resides in an office shaped like a campaign tent. The focal point of this space is a couple of large maps, spread out on his antique desk along with an inkwell and set of compasses.

It’s impossible to see what the map or diagram might detail, as Pokémon X & Y does not allow us to move the camera independently. I would speculate that the left-hand sheet bears an architectural drawing. The right-most sheet features a number of round shapes — possibly the layout of the gym, since it revolves around a cylindrical pillar.

Ramos’ desk in context

Apologies for the poor image quality; my original photo was simply taken using a digital camera, pointed at the 3DS screen. Taken when playing through the game for the first time.

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