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Seeing Stars

Excavating isn’t Exactly My Speciality

If It’s the War You’re Referring to, I’m on the Side of Whiterun

Learn to Live with Bears

The Lives of a Hundred Million People Pale in Comparison to being Able to Spelunk a Little Further

When is a Croquet Mallet Like a Billy Club?

Honour the Past, Work for the Future

It’s Not Flu

You Will Serve the Horde, Or be Crushed Beneath It


They Will Perish in the End Times. But YOU Will Become Immortal.

The Fun’s Already Started!

It is Not Every Day a Planet Points Me to My Own Library

I Work… for the Horde!

Keep Arms Above Head at All Times or You Will Be Shot on Sight

Guaranteeing Guidance in Times of Need

People Need Weapons All Around the World. Why My Home?

Sometimes Testing Has to Occur Outside the Confines of the Lab

If You Ignore the Crazy Guy and the Zombies… Nice Town

She’s One of Them Now

Watch That Booty


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