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Returning once more to diegetic game maps, and also to the ruined game world of Fallout 3, we find the Pip-Boy 3000. This wrist-borne device is used as a general HUD, which also serves as a readout for the player’s ongoing statistics and inventory. Here we see it in map mode, giving a wireframe readout of the surrounding area.

The map will displays road, areas of scrub and labelled points of interest, as well as the in-game date and time. Use of the Pip-Boy 3000 will freeze gameplay, unlike the examples we’ve seen in Far Cry 2 and Minecraft, which gives the player more time to read quest logs and otherwise orient themselves. As for its scale, there are clear settings for a world map mode (pictured above) and a local mode, but I do not have any examples of this to hand.

Screenshot from an article at Three Parts Theory, from a game I’ve not played myself.

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