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A Couple Individuals That Need to Disappear…

Thanks to ‘Rainbow Escapades’ for this submission.

Stilwater’s factory district has changed hands a few times in the island city’s history, but the areas below ground are notoriously neutral ground. It’s there one can find the winding “Phantom” Caverns, accessed either via the Spelunking store or at a dedicated entryway nearby. The caverns are considered to be one of Stilwater’s many tourist traps, and include a large, glassy lake upon which boat tours once ran. Moreover, they are well-known to interested parties as a useful, neutral meeting ground – even if one of those interested parties happens to be Stilwater’s police.

The in-world map isn’t presented in a particularly decent resolution, and so its usefulness as a navigation tool is limited, but the bold colour-coding and clear silhouette do help its purpose. The map appears to be accompanied by a tourist-friendly, ‘spooky’ poster for the caverns.

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