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I Used to be a Cartographer Like You…

Thanks again to Liam Nicholson for this submission!

A land as rich and turbulent as Skyrim is well-deserving of cartography. This shot (featuring Liam Nicholson’s avatar, William) depicts one of many campaign maps which are dotted around a region struck by civil war. Liam writes:

Used primarily by the Imperial Legion and the Stormcloaks to plan their civil war, each blue or red flag marks a location of an encampment or stronghold held by one of the two armies. Clicking one marks that location on your map in the menu, which is rather helpful.

I particularly enjoy the Tolkien-esque rendering of mountains and waters, the sheer size of the map, and the rather nicely-scripted title which appears below left. The fact it interacts with the player’s UI-integrated map is an excellent feature, too.

The snapshot is taken with a regular camera pointed at a screen, and so the colour and clarity are somewhat desaturated.

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