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It is Not Every Day a Planet Points Me to My Own Library

This particularly subtle map of Azeroth appears in the form of a crest. It’s found in books scattered around the planet, including Medivh’s library at Karazhan, in Azeroth’s Eastern Kingdoms. Framed inside a shield, it depicts four continents on Azeroth, arranged around the Maelstrom in its centre.

The same graphic in scroll form, atop a crate in Thunder Bluff.

The fourth landmass is a curiosity. At the time of writing, the game world has gone through substantial changes but still only includes three continents: the Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor in the west, and Northrend to the north. This emblem shows a large continent to the south, which may simply be unexplained, or could be a conglomerate of the goblins’ Lost Isles and Kezan, as well as the floating island of Pandaria.

These snaps depict my holy/shadow priestess, Diziet.

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